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Board Certifications of
Doctor Be+

Doctor Be+ is a double-board certified surgeon

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3D consultations with
Vectra & Crisalix

In the field of facial plastic surgery, 3D imaging systems have revolutionized the way surgeons plan, analyze, and communicate with patients about potential procedures. These advanced technologies offer a comprehensive and detailed view of the patient's facial anatomy, enabling a more personalized and precise approach to facial surgeries. 

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Out of Town Patients

Most of Doctor Be+ Clinic’s daily consults are video-consults with out of town & abroad patients. Please click to learn more.

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Consultation With Doctor Be+
Preparations & Surgery Day
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Step 1 - Pre-Consultation

Schedule your pre-consultation with one of our knowledgeable surgical consultants who are trained by Doctor Be+. They will answer many of your questions and help you schedule your consultation with Doctor Be+

Step 2 - Consultation With Doctor Be+

Meet Doctor Be+ for your initial consultation either in person or through video, with photos. The consultation contains your unique facial analysis, 3D simulation of the procedure and through discussion. The consultation fee is applied towards your surgery procedure. It does not expire.

Step 3 - Preparations & Surgery Day

After you reserve your surgery date, Doctor Be+ Clinic team will make sure you are well informed, prepared, and feel supported for your surgery day. Preparation is a very important part of your surgery journey.

Step 4 - Enjoy Results

The post-op phase is an important time of healing and recovering so you can enjoy your results and the improved quality of life that you have envisioned. Doctor Be+ Clinic provides you with a post op kit that covers everything you need post op. Doctor Be+ Clinic Team will be keeping in touch with follow-up consultations that are included in your surgery package.


Where can I find more information if I’m an Out of Town Patient?

More than 50% of Doctor Be+ Clinic’s patients come from out of town or overseas for surgery in Istanbul. If you are an out of town patient the process is very simple and our surgical consultants can assist you with all your needs. Please click for more information

Why aren’t surgical procedure prices listed on the website?

Every patient’s anatomy is different and the complexity of each surgery varies from patient to patient as well as total OR time. We are able to give you an estimate quote for each procedure, but at the end of your consultation with Doctor Be+, you will be given the exact price quote for your bespoke facial plastic surgery.

Is there a consultation fee?

(Currently -temporarily- consultations are complimentary) Yes. Because the consultation is performed by Doctor Be+ himself and there are limited consultation spots available a week, the consultation fee goes towards the surgical procedure. The consultation is probably one of the most important steps in the entire process. During that visit, we take the time to understand specifically what your concerns are and what you are hoping to achieve with surgery. We will also perform a detailed history and physical exam and review with you a customized surgical plan from our clinic in Istanbul. We will describe the procedures to you in detail and answer all your questions. I also offer video consultations for out-of-town patients. If you have general questions you would like answered, you can set up a free phone consultation with one of our team members.

For any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. By filling out our contact form, you can reach us and speak with an authorized specialist.