Lip Asymmetry

Lip Asymmetry

Offering perfect results in the treatment of lip asymmetry, Dr. Be improves the quality of life of his patients with personalized treatment plans. In line with these perfect results, he brings his patients to the results they wish both psychologically and physically.

What is Upper Lip Asymmetry?

Upper lip asymmetry, which is one of the leading irregular lip asymmetry problems, is a very curious condition. Upper lip asymmetry, which is a common condition in many patients, is a condition in which one side of the upper lip is different in shape from the other side. This may occur as differences in upper lip height, width or lip fold. For this reason, upper lip asymmetry can affect the facial aesthetics and facial features of the person and negatively affect the self-confidence of the individual. This can be a congenital condition, but it can also be caused by trauma, surgical intervention or other factors. For this reason, irregular lip operations are generally performed with personalized planning and counseling.

What is Lower Lip Asymmetry?

Another common condition in asymmetric lip appearance is lower lip asymmetry. Although this condition is not as common as upper lip asymmetry, it is often seen in patients with irregular lip discomfort. In general terms, this is a situation where one side of the lower lip is lower or higher than the other side. Therefore, there may be size and length differences in the lower parts of the lip. In such cases, a personal treatment process must be carried out. Because lower lip asymmetry can occur due to traumas or genetic reasons. In this case, it causes the treatment to be personalized. Otherwise, the desired results are not achieved in lower lip asymmetry problems.

What Causes Lower Lip Asymmetry and Upper Lip Asymmetry?

The question “What causes upper lip asymmetry?” and “What are the causes of lower lip asymmetry?” are among the most frequently wondered questions in lip asymmetry disorders. There may be many reasons for this condition. To address these reasons soon;

  • Innate Factors: Genetic factors, which are among the most common conditions in upper lip asymmetry, occur due to a variation in the normal development or placement of lip tissues. This condition, which occurs at a young age, can be transmitted through genes.
  • Injuries and Traumas: Damage to the upper lip tissues may occur as a result of traumas, accidents or injuries to the facial area, which is another cause of upper lip asymmetry. Therefore, possible traumas should be treated immediately.
  • Surgical Interventions: Surgical interventions such as lip aesthetic surgeries, cheek surgery or wound correction operations can cause upper lip asymmetry if not performed correctly.
  • Bad Habits: The continuation of sucking habits and lip biting, which start at a young age and continue until older ages, can cause asymmetry in the upper lip. For this reason, it is not recommended to breastfeed children after a certain age.
  • Muscle Balance Disorders: Uneven development of facial muscles or uncontrolled muscle activity can lead to a marked asymmetry of the upper lip.
  • Aging: During the aging process, loss of skin elasticity and tissue sagging may occur, which may cause asymmetries in the upper lip area.

How to Correct Lip Asymmetry?

“How to correct lip asymmetry?” is one of the most curious questions about lip asymmetry. To give a clear answer to this question, we can say that there are different ways to correct upper lip and lower lip asymmetry. These ways are divided into two in themselves. These are; Surgical Solutions and Non-Surgical Procedures for the Correction of Irregular Lips. To consider these treatments closely;

Surgical Solutions for Correction of Irregular Lips

Surgical solutions, which are an effective solution for the correction of upper and lower lip asymmetry, are quite simple and fast procedures, contrary to popular belief. These procedures are divided into three. These are; Lip Asymmetry Surgery, Lip Asymmetry Filling and Slimming the Normal Lip Side.

  • Lip Asymmetry Surgery

Lip asymmetry is a condition in which there are marked differences in elements such as the size, shape or position of the lips. This situation can often negatively affect a person's facial aesthetics and self-confidence. At this point, lip asymmetry surgery, also known as lip aesthetic surgery, can be applied. This procedure is a procedure that can be applied to the upper lip, lower lip or both lips and reshapes, balances and volumizes the lip tissues when necessary. Thus, the lips have a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.

  • Lip Asymmetry Filler

Lip filler for asymmetry is a procedure frequently performed in lip asymmetry. This lip asymmetry filler is a procedure using substances such as hyaluronic acid. This procedure is generally applied to compensate for the loss of volume in the lips, improve lip contours and balance asymmetrical lip contours. The filler determined during the procedure is injected into the lip skin with the help of a fine needle and the lips are given the desired shape and volume. Thus, the unbalanced appearance of the lips is improved.

  • Weakening the Normal Side

The weakening of the normal side of the lip, which is an effective solution for the correction of upper and lower lip asymmetry, is an aesthetic procedure that corrects the apparent asymmetry of the lips. In this procedure, the activity of the intact or normal side that causes asymmetry in the lips is temporarily reduced or paralyzed. Thus, asymmetrical lip contours become more symmetrical. This procedure is generally a minimally invasive approach and is a fast operation.

Non-Surgical Procedures for the Treatment of Irregular Lips

Non-surgical procedures, which are the answer to the question “How to correct lip asymmetry?”, are applications that are generally invasive and do not require surgical intervention. These applications are generally divided into two. These are; Facial exercises and lip tattooing. If we need to consider both procedures separately;

  • Face Exercises

Facial exercises, one of the leading non-surgical procedures for irregular lip procedures, are procedures performed to strengthen the lip muscles, increase their flexibility and improve the overall appearance of the lips. Specifically designed to alleviate lip asymmetry, these procedures usually work the muscles around the lips and encourage the lips to work in a stronger, balanced way. Thus, the lip asymmetry disappears over time. However, although this treatment does not give a definitive result, it is recommended to be used as an auxiliary treatment.

  • Lip Tattoo

Another solution method that is effective in correcting lip asymmetry is permanent lip tattoos. This lip tattoo procedure is a procedure that supports the lip in terms of appearance. Thanks to this procedure, the person feels more confident and more at peace with himself/herself. However, the important point to remember is that this application only improves the situation in terms of appearance. Functionally, it does not completely cure the disease.

What to Consider After Correction of Lip Asymmetry?

Many points should be considered before and after lip asymmetry. All these points allow the surgical process to be easier and more comfortable, while at the same time helping to experience rapid recovery after surgery. For this reason, the advice and warnings given by the doctor must be taken into consideration after the procedure.

  1. Regular Use of Medicines:In lip asymmetry surgery, it is important to use the painkillers and antibiotics recommended by the doctor regularly. Anti-inflammatory medications, if available, should also be taken regularly.
  2. Wound Care: After the irregular lip operation, the stitches and wound in the lip area should be cleaned and maintained regularly. In particular, antiseptic solutions or wound care creams recommended by the doctor should be used and the doctor should be consulted regularly to check the stitches.
  3. Nutrition and Diet: A soft and easily digestible diet should definitely be followed after lip asymmetry surgery. Especially in the first days after the operation, liquid foods should be preferred, then soft and pureed foods should be consumed. In addition, extremely hot or hard foods should be avoided.
  4. Lip Movements: After correction of lip asymmetry, activities that will restrict mobility in the lip area should be avoided. For example; puckering, stretching or excessive mimicry of the lips should be avoided as much as possible.
  5. Swelling and Bruises: It is recommended to apply ice and keep the head elevated for swelling and bruising that may occur after lip asymmetry treatment. This can speed up the healing process and reduce discomfort.
  6. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption: Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided after correction of lip asymmetry. Because these substances can negatively affect the healing process and increase the risk of complications.
  7. Doctor Follow-up: After the lip asymmetry operation, follow-up appointments determined by the doctor should be attended regularly and the doctor should be informed about any problems or concerns. The doctor's recommendations and instructions should be taken into consideration.

Everything You Wondered About Irregular Lips

What is the Weakening of the Normal Side of the Lip?

Facelift operation, which is preferred to reduce the signs of aging on the face and to achieve a younger appearance, is a very popular procedure recently. In line with this highly popular procedure, sagging and wrinkles caused by aging are improved and the skin form of the person is given a new dimension. Thus, the person has a firmer and smoother facial appearance. The facelift procedure, which is performed using modern techniques and surgical technologies, is also planned individually after a detailed evaluation. If you want to get detailed information about facelift in Turkey, you can check our page.

Before Having Surgery, Is There Any Way to Predict or Simulate the Effect of Surgery?

As a result of improved medical procedures, the results of surgery can be predicted without lip asymmetry surgery. This is because the condition of the lip is analyzed and examined in detail before surgery. In this way, it is possible to have an idea about how much efficiency can be obtained from the surgery.

Since the surgery is performed inside the mouth, are there any special dietary instructions during the recovery period?

After the lip asymmetry treatment, there are special dietary instructions. These instructions help the healing process to proceed well. For this reason, solid and hard objects should never be eaten after the procedure. In addition, it is important to consume as much liquid or soft foods as possible in the first few weeks. In this way, the healing process will progress faster.

What Results Should I Expect After Myectomy of the Lower Lip?

After lower lip myectomy surgery, major differences are observed in processes such as smiling, speaking and eating. After the procedure, possible symmetrical appearance and lip contractions are eliminated.

Lip Asymmetry Surgery Cost

Turkey, which is in a very favorable position in terms of correction of irregular lips, is also very advantageous in terms of lip asymmetry. The main reason for this is that there is excessive competition in lip asymmetry surgeries. In addition to this, another reason why the cost of lip asymmetry is affordable is that Turkey is more favorable in terms of exchange rate and the Ministry of Health provides great support to aesthetic centers.

When we compare lip asymmetry prices in Istanbul with the cost in other cities, we can conclude that Istanbul is more affordable. The main reason for this is that there is more competition in Istanbul. For this reason, you can experience a more comfortable process by choosing aesthetic centers in Istanbul.

Dr. Berke, One of Turkey's Best Lip Asymmetry Surgeons

Dr. Be, one of the best lip asymmetry surgeons in Turkey, offers perfect results in lip asymmetry surgery. Thus, it allows you to have the look you want by achieving your dream look without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Asymmetry

I have asymmetry in my lips. Can this situation be eliminated with lip augmentation?

Asymmetries in the lips can also be eliminated with filling. For this reason, lip augmentation can also be applied according to the asymmetric ratio on your lips.

Is permanent makeup or lip surgery a better option for lip asymmetry?

If you want to achieve lasting functional and aesthetic benefits in lip asymmetry, asymmetric lip surgery is a better idea, so we recommend that you opt for lip asymmetry surgery.

Is lip asymmetry only visually beneficial?

The lip asymmetry procedure not only provides visual benefits, but also functional benefits. It provides great benefit especially in eating and speaking more comfortably.

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