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What is Eyebrow Asymmetry in Facial Palsy?

Eyebrow asymmetry, also known as irregular eyebrows, is a common condition in individuals who have facial paralysis. This condition generally occurs when one or more nerves in the facial muscles are damaged and lose their function. This situation affects the mobility of the muscles on one side of the face, causing the eyebrows to be affected by this situation. For this reason, the eyebrow on the side with facial paralysis usually falls or cannot be moved as desired, while the eyebrow on the healthy side remains in its normal position or is moved more, creating a significant imbalance in the facial expression of the person and greatly affecting the aesthetic appearance.

Why Does Asymmetrical Eyebrow Problem Occur Due to Facial Paralysis?

There are certain causes of eyebrow asymmetry caused by facial paralysis. These reasons vary according to the extent of facial paralysis experienced by the person. These causes include nerve damage, muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, skin tissue sagging and facial muscle atrophy. To examine these causes in detail;

  • Nerve Damage: Facial paralysis; It is a condition that occurs as a result of damage to the facial nerves. This causes the muscles that control the nerves to lose their function after a while. Thus, weakening is observed in the muscles that control eyebrow movements.
  • Muscle Weakness: The muscles on the paralyzed side weaken and relax. This leads to the eyebrow falling or not being able to move.
  • Muscular Imbalance: The muscles on the healthy side continue to function normally, while the muscles on the paralyzed side lose their mobility. This imbalance causes the eyebrows to appear asymmetrical.
  • Sagging Skin and Tissues: Facial paralysis can generally cause the muscles to weaken and the skin tissues to sag over time. This causes the eyebrow to appear in a lower position.
  • Nerve Reinnervation: During nerve healing, the muscles may be re-innervated with the wrong nerves. As a result, uncontrolled eyebrow movements and asymmetrical appearances can be observed.
  • Facial Muscle Atrophy: In cases of prolonged facial paralysis, unused muscles atrophy. These atrophied muscles can cause eyebrow asymmetry to become permanent.
  • Edema and Inflammation: Edema and inflammation on the paralyzed side can further impair the function of nerves and muscles, increasing eyebrow asymmetry.
  • Trauma and Surgical Interventions: If facial paralysis is the result of trauma or surgery, scars or tissue loss in this area can also contribute to eyebrow asymmetry.

How does facial paralysis affect the eyebrow area?

Facial paralysis can affect the eyebrow area in various ways. For example; when facial nerves are damaged, the muscles that control eyebrow movements may lose their function, or muscles weakened by facial paralysis may cause the skin tissues to sag. This causes the eyebrow to appear in a lower position than normal.

In addition, re-innervation of the muscles with the wrong nerves during nerve healing can lead to uncontrolled eyebrow movements and asymmetry. Finally, scars or tissue loss after trauma and surgical interventions can also worsen eyebrow asymmetry. Thus, after facial paralysis, there may be a significant asymmetry and loss of control in the eyebrow area, resulting in aesthetic and functional problems.

What is the Importance of Raising Eyebrows in Facial Paralysis?

Eyebrow lifting in facial paralysis makes a great contribution both aesthetically and functionally. At this point, asymmetric eyebrow surgery generally helps to restore facial symmetry by correcting the eyebrow on the paralyzed side. To discuss this issue in more detail;

Functionally, correction of eyebrow asymmetry helps to reduce the sagging of the eyelid and widen the visual field. In this way, the patient can open and close their eyes more easily and use their vision more comfortably. Correction of eyebrow asymmetry can also contribute to retraining the facial muscles and improving muscle tone. Thus, the overall facial expression becomes more balanced and natural.

Correction of eyebrow asymmetry aesthetically reduces sagging and wrinkles in the area. Thus, the person achieves a younger and more dynamic appearance. In addition, the brow lift procedure contributes to the correction of asymmetry in the upper part of the face, helping the overall facial expression to look more balanced and natural.

How to Treat Facial Paralysis-Focused Eyebrow Asymmetry?

There are various treatment options to correct asymmetrical eyebrows caused by facial paralysis. These treatment options generally vary depending on the severity and duration of the paralysis and the deformation of the eyebrows. To examine the treatment methods in this context in detail;

  1. Botulinum Toxin Injection (Botox): Botox, which is a frequently preferred method for correcting asymmetrical eyebrows, is mostly preferred for mild to moderate eyebrow ptosis. Injections called “botulinum toxin” can be used during this procedure. In this way, injections can help lift the eyebrows and reduce asymmetry.
  2. Brow Lift Surgery: Eyebrow lift surgery, another preferred method for correcting asymmetrical eyebrows, is applied in cases of significant eyebrow ptosis. Thanks to this procedure, the eyebrows are lifted upwards and the asymmetrical situation is eliminated.
  3. Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers are frequently used in brow lift procedures to correct asymmetry. For this, fillers are injected under or above the eyebrows. The injected fillers help to correct the asymmetry and equalize the eyebrow height and fullness.
  4. Physical Therapy and Facial Exercises: Physical therapy methods and facial exercises used in facial paralysis rehabilitation can alleviate eyebrow asymmetry by increasing muscle control and strengthening the muscles.

How Does Synkinesia Affect Eyebrows?

Synkinesia is a condition that usually occurs after facial paralysis and is characterized by an asymmetrical appearance of the eyebrows. In this condition, the facial muscles that should normally work at the same time cannot work simultaneously. Thus, synkinesia also causes eyebrow asymmetry.

To explain this with a clearer and more detailed example; For example, suppose you are trying to raise an eyebrow. The moment you move the eyebrow you are trying to lift, automatically the other eyebrow will involuntarily lift. Or when you open your mouth, one of the eyebrows may involuntarily move upwards. This can create imbalance and asymmetry in a person's facial expression. For detailed information on this subject, you can review our “Synkinesis Treatment” page.

What Should Be Considered After Asymmetric Eyebrow Surgery?

Many points should be considered before and after asymmetrical eyebrow surgery. All these points allow the surgical process to be easier and more comfortable, while at the same time helping to experience rapid recovery after surgery. For this reason, the advice and warnings given by the doctor must be taken into consideration after the procedure.

  1. Recovery Process Monitoring: It is important to regularly follow the healing process of the eyebrows after surgery. Keeping postoperative controls and following the doctor's recommendations can accelerate recovery.
  2. Complying with Recommended Care Principles: It is important to care for the eyebrows as recommended by your doctor, especially keeping the scars clean and dry. During the healing process, hygiene rules should be observed to reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Pain and Discomfort Monitoring: If there are signs of pain, swelling or other discomfort after a brow lift to correct asymmetry, it is important to contact your doctor immediately. These symptoms can often be part of the normal healing process but can sometimes be a sign of complications.
  4. Physical Activity and Rest: Heavy physical activity may need to be avoided for a certain period of time after procedures to correct asymmetrical eyebrows. Therefore, acting according to your doctor's recommendations and ensuring adequate rest supports the healing process.
  5. Nutrition and Medicines: After irregular eyebrow surgery, it is important to follow the diet and medication guidelines recommended by your doctor. To speed up the healing process, it may be necessary to pay attention to a healthy diet and take medication regularly.
  6. Psychic and Emotional Support: The postoperative period can also be psychologically challenging. It is therefore important to get support and make sure you feel emotionally comfortable. If necessary, you can get support from a counselor or psychologist.

Everything You Wonder About Asymmetrical Eyebrow Surgery

Why is the eyebrow on the paralyzed side lower in some patients and higher in others?

The position of the eyebrow on the paralyzed side may vary depending on the type and severity of facial paralysis and the muscle groups affected. Therefore, the position of the eyebrow may vary from person to person.

Can low eyebrows affect my field of vision?

In severe cases of low eyebrows, vision restriction may occur. For this reason, irregular eyebrow surgery is required to restore normal vision.

Can Removal of Upper Eyelid Skin Improve Eyebrow Symmetry?

Removal of the upper eyelid skin (blepharoplasty) can improve eyebrow symmetry in some cases, but this is not a procedure to directly correct the position of the eyebrows. Therefore, irregular eyebrow surgery is required to achieve full efficiency.

How long does the eyebrow asymmetry procedure take?

The duration of asymmetric eyebrow surgery may vary depending on several factors. The most important of these factors are the procedures to be performed and the patient's condition, but on average it varies between 1 and 2 hours.

Should I Have Brow Lift on Both Sides?

If there are abnormalities in both eyebrows, irregular eyebrow surgery can be performed on both eyebrows. In this way, both eyebrows can be given a symmetrical form.

Before and After Irregular Eyebrow Surgery

You can view our gallery before and after irregular eyebrow eyebrow surgery to see the results of successful eyebrow asymmetry procedures performed by Dr. Be for the correction of eyebrow asymmetry.

Uneven Eyebrows Surgery Cost

Turkey, which is a suitable destination for the correction of eyebrow asymmetry, is also very advantageous in asymmetric eyebrow surgery. The main reason for this is that there is an excessive competition in Turkey for irregular eyebrow surgery. In addition, another reason why the cost of eyebrow asymmetry is affordable is that Turkey is more favorable in terms of exchange rate and the Ministry of Health provides great support to aesthetic centers.

When we compare the prices of asymmetric eyebrow surgery in Istanbul with the cost in other cities, we can say that Istanbul is more affordable. The main reason for this is that there is more competition in Istanbul. For this reason, you can experience a more comfortable process by choosing aesthetic centers in Istanbul.

Doctor Berke, One of Turkey's Best Uneven Eyebrow Surgery Surgeons

Dr. Be, one of the best eyebrow asymmetry surgeons in Turkey, offers perfect results in irregular eyebrow surgery procedures. In this way, you can easily have the eyebrow look you want by achieving your dream look without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asymmetric Brow Lift

Is there a possibility of my eyebrows falling again after brow lift surgery?

Unless there is a hard blow to the eyebrow after the eyebrow lift operation, there is no possibility of the eyebrows falling. You can be comfortable about this.

If only one eyebrow is asymmetrical, which eyebrow will be corrected by taking an example?

If only one of the eyebrows is asymmetrical, the other eyebrow is positioned according to the appearance of the eyebrow that is more suitable for your face. For this, detailed examinations are carried out beforehand.

What will determine which procedure will be applied to the eyebrow?

The procedure to be applied to the eyebrow varies depending on the degree of asymmetrical appearance of the eyebrow. At this point, the expert team examines the eyebrows and applies the correct eyebrow asymmetry procedure.

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