Temporalis Muscle Flap

Temporalis Muscle Flap

Offering perfect results in temporalis muscle flap procedures, Dr. Be improves the quality of life of his patients with personalized treatment plans. In line with these perfect results, he brings his patients to the results they desire both psychologically and physically.

What is a Temporalis Muscle Flap?

The Temporalis Muscle Flap procedure is a technique frequently used in facial paralysis. This technique is generally used in the treatment of facial paralysis or other facial nerve damage and perfectly repairs the patient's facial paralysis. For this purpose, it aims to support the temporalis muscle, which has weakened or lost its function due to facial paralysis. Therefore, firstly, during the surgical intervention, the temporalis muscle is released in a certain way and moved to a new position and connected to the facial muscles. This helps the patient to regain facial movements and expression. This operation is a treatment option that aims to improve facial symmetry and function in cases of facial paralysis and can improve the patient's quality of life and make facial expressions appear more natural and balanced.

How is Temporalis Muscle Flap Procedure Done?

Before starting the Temporalis Muscle Flap procedure, the patient is first given general anesthesia. This ensures that the patient experiences less pain and suffering. Then, an incision is made along the hairline and the temporalis muscle in the cheek area is reached. After reaching the muscle, a tunnel is opened under the skin and moved to the paralyzed face area. Afterwards, the temporalis muscle is carefully sutured to the paralyzed facial muscles or directly to the skin and the operation is terminated. After the operation, the temporalis muscle is generally allowed to take over the function of the paralyzed facial muscles, helping the patient to regain some facial movements and expressions. In this way, patients can achieve better facial symmetry and quality of life.

Benefits of Temporalis Muscle Flap for Facial Paralysis

Temporalis muscle flap surgery, which is one of the most preferred procedures in facial paralysis trauma today, has many advantages for the patient. One of these advantages is that the person becomes more confident and happy in his/her social life. Other advantages of Temporalis Muscle Flap surgery are as follows;

  • Restores Facial Symmetry: It restores muscle function on the paralyzed side, corrects facial symmetry and restores basic facial expressions such as smiling and raising eyebrows..
  • Improves Functional Skills:The temporalis muscle flap helps the facial muscles regain function, facilitating daily activities such as speaking, eating and closing the eyes.
  • Provides a Permanent Solution: The operation generally offers a long-term and permanent solution. Therefore, there is no need for recurrent surgeries.
  • Increases Self-Confidence: Improvement of facial functions and appearance increases the patient's psychological and social self-confidence. Thus, the patient shows a clearer stance in his/her social life.
  • Faster Recovery: The recovery process after muscle flap surgery is usually faster and more effective.
  • Provides Natural Appearance: Since the person's own body part is used in the muscle flap operation, it provides a more natural look and feel.
  • Reduces the Risk of Complications: Since the body's own tissues are used, the risk of complications due to foreign substances is low.

Things to Consider Before and After Temporalis Muscle Flap

Many points should be considered before and after the temporalis muscle flap operation. While all these points allow the operation process to be easier and more comfortable, it also helps to experience rapid recovery after surgery. For this reason, the advice and warnings given by the doctor must be taken into consideration after the procedure.

Things to Consider Before Temporalis Muscle Flap

Before the temporalis muscle flap is performed, there are certain points to be considered first. These points help to be fully prepared for the treatment. Therefore, the following warnings should be taken into consideration.

  1. You should definitely inform your surgeon about your medical history. In this way, your operation process will be positively affected.
  2. You must stop taking aspirin and similar blood thinners under the supervision of your doctor. Thus, the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery is eliminated.
  3. Eating and drinking must be stopped the night before the operation.
  4. In order to have a comfortable recovery period in the postoperative period, necessary preparations should be made at home. Necessities such as soft pillows, easily accessible water and food should be provided.

Things to Consider After Temporalis Muscle Flap

In order to get positive results in the process after the temporalis muscle flap procedure is applied, it is necessary to be very careful. In this way, a faster healing process can be experienced and postoperative scars can heal more quickly.

  1. Antibiotics, painkillers and other medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly. In this way, following the instructions for use of the medicines reduces the risk of infection and accelerates the healing process.
  2. You should get plenty of rest in the postoperative period. In addition, physical activities should be limited and heavy work should be avoided for the period recommended by the doctor.
  3. It is normal for swelling and bruising to occur after the operation. To reduce these conditions, the head should be kept elevated and cold compresses should be applied.
  4. It may be necessary to limit the movements of the facial muscles after the procedure. For this, facial movements should be performed in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and unnecessary muscle tension should be avoided.

Who Are Candidates for Temporalis Muscle Flap?

The immobility of facial muscles after facial nerve traumas can affect patients psychologically as well as negatively affect their quality of life. For this reason, Temporalis muscle flap operation is performed for patients to have a better quality of life. If you want to understand whether you are the right candidate for facial nerve transfer, you need to answer the following questions.

  • If you have experienced permanent facial paralysis after a disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which affects the facial nerves and causes paralysis
  • If you have congenital facial nerve deficiency or anomaly
  • If your facial nerves have been cut or damaged after tumor surgery
  • If your face has developed a complication of facial paralysis due to trauma

We can say that you are a suitable candidate for temporalis muscle flap treatment. However, to get clearer and more detailed information on this subject, you can contact Dr. Be and get information about whether you are the right candidate for Temporalis muscle flap surgery.

Temporalis Muscle Flap For Facial Paralysis Cost

You can view our temporalis muscle flap gallery to see the results of successful temporalis muscle flap surgery performed by Doctor Be in facial nerve traumas.

Temporalis Muscle Flap Before After Gallery

You can view our temporalis muscle flap gallery to see the results of successful temporalis muscle flap surgery performed by Doctor Be in facial nerve traumas.

Why Doctor Be in Temporalis Muscle Flap?

Doctor Be, one of the best facial paralysis surgeons in Turkey, has a wide range of experience and expertise in the temporalis muscle flap technique, and at the same time offers the best and most perfect results to his patients by using the latest technology and methods. Thus, by prioritizing patient satisfaction, it has become one of the best facial paralysis treatment clinics in Turkey.

Temporalis Muscle Flap Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for temporalis muscle flap as a patient with facial paralysis?

If you have congenital facial nerve deficiency or anomaly or if your facial nerves have been cut or damaged after tumor surgery, you are a good candidate for temporalis muscle flap.

Is this temporalis muscle flap operation a permanent procedure or does it go away on its own after a while?

The temporalis muscle flap operation we have applied is a permanent procedure. You never need to worry about this issue.

Due to facial paralysis, I cannot move my face, speak or eat. So at this point, does the temporalis muscle flap operation only provide aesthetic improvement? Or does it also provide functional improvement?

Temporalis muscle flap operation restores the self-confidence of the person in terms of aesthetics, as well as functionally improving conditions such as eating, drinking and speaking. Therefore, you can benefit both functionally and aesthetically.

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