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Ear Aesthetics Surgery

Earlobe Aesthetics Surgery

What is Earlobe Aesthetics?

Earlobe tear occurs due to prolonged use of heavy earrings or tunnel earrings, causing sagging, tearing, and other shape deformities over long periods. The correction of these shape deformities is generally referred to as earlobe aesthetics, which is a part of ear aesthetics. In women, the prolonged use of heavy earrings can lead to the elongation, sagging, or tearing of the ear piercings. Although earrings can be worn again after correction, the use of heavy earrings is not recommended.

How is Earlobe Surgery Performed?

How is the surgery for earlobe tearing after tunnel earrings performed, and what are the results?

The hole formed due to ear stretching (stretching) generally does not close on its own and requires a surgical procedure. Its name in the literature is 'gauge earlobe deformity,' and various surgical correction techniques are available. Correction is achieved through local anesthesia (treatment without sedation on an outpatient basis). The duration of the procedure depends on the severity of the deformity caused by wearing heavy earrings. Simply reducing a sagging and enlarged ear piercing takes about 15 minutes, while reducing the hole after advanced tunnel earrings can take up to 30 minutes. After the procedure, the patient can continue their daily activities.

Can I Wear Earrings Again After Ear Aesthetics?

After ear aesthetics are performed and tissues heal, the ear can be re-pierced, and earrings can be worn again. However, the use of heavy and dangling earrings is not recommended.

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