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Accomodation & Transportation

Broyt Hotel

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Google Hotels - Broyt Hotel Link

Broyt Hotel Webpage


A11 Hotels Exclusive


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Google Hotels - A11 Hotels Exclusive Link

A11 Hotels Exclusive Webpage


A11 Hotel Cadde

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Google Hotels - A11 Cadde Hotel Link

A11 Hotel Cadde Webpage

Other Accomodation Options

Istanbul is a crowded city and logistics can be a problem. We suggests our patients to stay close to our clinic - walking distance if possible - for your convenience. Its a lively and safe neighborhood. Many other accomodation options are possible in Istanbul. We recommend searching with Google Hotels ve AirBnB for other options.


Transportation in Istanbul


Transportation in Istanbul can be a hustle and we don't advise hotel bookings at a far distance from our clinic & hospital.


  • Airport-to-hotel and hotel-to-airport VIP-transfer for total 100 Euros (only 2 transfers included 50 euros each) 
  • We don't advise using Taxi. We advise using Uber App
  • Transportation between the hotel and hospital can be organized using the Uber App (For iPhone)(For Android). 
  • Transportation between the hotel and the clinic can be walking distance if you accomodate at suggested hotels
  • Short-distance VIP-transfers are very costly (50 euros/transfer)


We advise using Uber App (For iPhone)(For Android). 




For any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. By filling out our contact form, you can reach us and speak with an authorized specialist.