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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm an out of town patient, how can I plan my surgery ? 


Step 1. Get in touch with Doctor Be+ Clinic & send us your photos and wishes

Step 2. Book a Video Consultation with Doctor Be+

Step 3. Get Expert Opinion with a 30-min consultation with Doctor Be+

Step 4. Get Your Bespoke Surgery Plan Options & Simulation & Exact Price Quote

Step 5. Decide on your Surgery & Date & Hospital

Step 6. Pay Deposit to book your Surgery (securely via link payment)

Step 7. Buy Plane Tickets & Book Hotel & Organize Transportation

Step 8. Arrive at least 1 day early for consultation

Step 9. Face-to-face consultation with Doctor Be+ & the team and payment

Step 10. Hospital preoperative lab & evaluation of your health

Step 11. Surgery day (Discharge usually next morning)

Step 12. Postoperative care at Doctor Be+ Clinic @ day 3 and day 7.

Step 13. Flight back home

Step 14. Virtual follow-ups @ month 1, 3 and 12.



How can I book for surgery ? 

Please check with us for Dr.Özücer’s and hospitals’  available dates and write to us your preferred dates for surgery. We suggest booking at least 2-3 months before actual planned surgery and booking flights for specific dates. After confirming the surgery and the hospital 

We send you a link and you can pay a deposit of 500 Euros with a credit card for finalizing booking with the hospital. You have to arrive at our clinic at least 1 day before surgery for preop consultation and preop preparation at the hospital. Please book your flights accordingly.

Which hospital do we suggest ?

We work with these three hospitals and we get very good results with all of them. It gives us a chance to treat patients with different budgets. For more information about hospitals please click . Our past experience tells us that  patient satisfaction rate with care and service can be relatively higher in Acıbadem Hospital compared to Bayındır İçerenköy Hospital.

What is included/excluded in the Surgery Package ? 

This price includes: Preop Lab,  Surgery fee and  one night stays (2 nights depending on surgery & package) Postoperative medication and prescribed drugs (Postop Care Kit)  is also provided and included in your package. Postoperative face-to-face followup in clinic and video follow-up @ 1-3-12 months. This price excludes flight, transfers and hotel stay 


Do you have +Transportation Package ?


Yes. Airport-to-hotel and hotel-to-airport VIP-transfer for total of 100 Euros (only 2 transfers included 50 euros each). 


  • We don't advise using Taxi. We advise using Uber App
  • Transportation between the hotel and hospital can be organized using the Uber App 
  • Transportation between the hotel and the clinic can be walking distance if you accomodate @ suggested hotels
  • Short-distance VIP-transfers are very costly (50 euros/transfer) therefore we advise using Uber App (For iPhone)(For Android). 


Do you have +Accomodation Package ?


Yes. A11 Cadde Hotel is in proximity to Doctor Be+ Clinic. 7-night stay costs approximately 500 Euros (varies season-to-season due to dynamic pracing strategy of hotels)(+70 Euros Extra per each extra night). Please check Accomodation & Transportation page for more information


Where should I accomodate during my stay ? 


We suggest staying close to our clinic. Its a lively and safe neighborhood. It is also more convenient for the patient during postoperative care and early postoperative follow-up (day 3, day 7) period. Transportation in Istanbul can be a hustle and we don't advise hotel bookings at a far distance from our clinic & hospital.


Is the deposit refundable ?

  • Cancellation of surgery; The deposit can be refunded when Doctor Be+ Clinic is informed at least 30 days before the contracted operation date (after administrative fee of 100 Euros is deducted)
  • Postponing surgery; The deposit can be saved for the postponed date when Doctor Be+ Clinic is informed at least 30 days before the contracted operation date (to another date within that year) 
  • Doctor Be+ Clinic reserves the right to change the price in case of postponement of the operation date.

When should I arrive, when can I depart ? 

For General Anesthesia Surgeries in the Hospital: You need to make sure you arrive at least 1 day before surgery to (1) do a face-to-face consultation with Dr.Özücer (2) laboratory preop check-up and anesthesia consultation.

For Local Anesthesia Surgeries in the Clinic:  You need to make sure your arrival to airport and arrival in the clinic. Please check our logistics map for convenience


When should I book the flight ? Which airport should I choose ?

Please book your flight after confirming your surgery date with Doctor Be+ Clinic Team. Doctor Be+ Clinic and SAW (Sabiha Gökçen) Airport is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Istanbul Airport (IST) is located on the European side of Istanbul. Both can be utilized but SAW is more approximate to both hospitals and our clinic. Please check our logistics map for convenience.


Should somebody accompany me ? Can I come alone ?

Lots of patients travel to Istanbul alone to have facial plastic surgery. Some patients come accompanied by sometimes a friend, a relative or significant other. Both is possible. Our experience showed us that having emotional support of someone you know is a better option. But if you decide to/have to come alone we try to take care of you as much as possible.


Important Things Checklist

⬜ I’ve informed my doctor all previous facial & nasal surgeries I’ve had
⬜ I’ve informed my doctor all medical conditions I have and all drug allergies I have
⬜ I’ve informed my doctor about all medical or nonmedical drugs I am using
⬜ I’ve stopped taking supplements, vitamins, herbal teas at least 15 days before surgery and
I don’t eat cherry (blood thinner)
⬜ I know that getting infected or testing (+) for COVID means I’ll not be having a surgery so I
act accordingly and I’m very precautious. I am taking all the necessary measures
preoperatively to make sure I will have a healthy surgery and postoperative period.
⬜ Do I need to bring any medications with me ? Not if you don’t have a medical condition,
otherwise we provide all medication during your perioperative period in the hospital.
Postoperative prescribed medication is also provided in your postoperative kit (complimentary)
⬜ (For rhinoplasty patients) I know I won’t be able to use optic or sunglasses in the early
postoperative period, so I have my contact lenses. 



For any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. By filling out our contact form, you can reach us and speak with an authorized specialist.