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Surgery Planner & Checklist


Surgery Sequence Planner for Out of Town Patients

Step 1. Get in touch with Doctor Be+ Clinic & send us your photos and wishes

Step 2. Book a Video Consultation with Doctor Be+

Step 3. Get Expert Opinion with a 30-min consultation with Doctor Be+

Step 4. Get Your Bespoke Surgery Plan Options & Simulation & Exact Price Quote

Step 5. Decide on your Surgery & Date & Hospital

Step 6. Pay Deposit to book your Surgery (securely via link payment)

Step 7. Buy Plane Tickets & Book Hotel & Organize Transportation

Step 8. Arrive at least 1 day early for consultation

Step 9. Face-to-face consultation with Doctor Be+ & the team and payment

Step 10. Hospital preoperative lab & evaluation of your health

Step 11. Surgery day (Discharge usually next morning)

Step 12. Postoperative care at Doctor Be+ Clinic @ day 3 and day 7.

Step 13. Flight back home

Step 14. Virtual follow-ups @ month 1, 3 and 12.



Important Things Checklist

⬜ I’ve informed my doctor all previous facial & nasal surgeries I’ve had
⬜ I’ve informed my doctor all medical conditions I have and all drug allergies I have
⬜ I’ve informed my doctor about all medical or nonmedical drugs I am using
⬜ I’ve stopped taking supplements, vitamins, herbal teas at least 15 days before surgery and
I don’t eat cherry (blood thinner)
⬜ I know that getting infected or testing (+) for COVID means I’ll not be having a surgery so I
act accordingly and I’m very precautious. I am taking all the necessary measures
preoperatively to make sure I will have a healthy surgery and postoperative period.
⬜ Do I need to bring any medications with me ? Not if you don’t have a medical condition,
otherwise we provide all medication during your perioperative period in the hospital.
Postoperative prescribed medication is also provided in your postoperative kit (complimentary)
⬜ (For rhinoplasty patients) I know I won’t be able to use optic or sunglasses in the early
postoperative period, so I have my contact lenses. 


For any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. By filling out our contact form, you can reach us and speak with an authorized specialist.